Hello everybody,

Welcome to Belfort & Montbéliard cities ! ;)

To help you adapt to your new life abroad quickly, ESN BM has organized an awesome Welcome Week for International StudentsMany great events will be held during these two coming weeks such as:

  • Euro Dinner, 
  • Pub crawls,
  • Café polyglotte (every Tuesday),
  • a day trip to Colmar (France) & Freiburg (Germany)


Keep following us! We will update the information for each event as day goes by.

But first, register quickly on the Buddy System website below if you haven’t already done so. This is where you can find local student willing to help newcomers duing their journey in France. 


What's more? There will be a "Buddy System soirée" during our welcome week. This get-together is for those who have already been matched on our buddy website to come and meet their buddy! For the people who don't know how to register, don't worry, be happy! Many local students or ESN members will participate during this coming party, they will be ready to become your new buddy on the go. All you need to do is come and find a buddy there!

Hope to see you soon!

Join our facebook event : HERE 

11/09/2017 to 23/09/2017
Trip free : 35€ for ESNcard holders
  • Everyone is invited.